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Such theatrical genius is a thing of the past, at least in an Auburn hat, that is. Tommy Tuberville has been fired as coach, setting off flirtations with Mike Leach and whomever else you care to mention in association with the job, including Bobby Petrino, Nick Saban, Chuck Bass, Charlie Weis (HA WE KEED), Gerg Robinson, Terry Bowden, Al Borges, Donald Rumsfeld, Phil Fulmer, Tommy Bowden, Rich Kotite, a particularly charismatic overhead projector, a sinister puppet that puts players through macabre torture scenarios, Sylvester Croom, Steve Spurrier, Senator Richard Shelby, Bela Karolyi, Lou Holth, Paul Giamatti (he's in everything,) Jon Voight reading his lines from Varsity Blues over and over again, the techno-glam band Goldfrapp, and most likely, you.

(But definitely not Charlie Strong. No reason cited. Nope.)