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Mack Brown shows you how he gets down. Mack will not "make the case" for the Texas Longhorns until after the Aggie game. Then, if they beat Texas A&M, Mack will commence to a-tappin' as only he can. Just imagine Savion Glover's body and Mack's head for maximum comic effect.

Les Miles has an agent. That's really what one may learn from rumors that Les Miles is a candidate for the head coaching job at Washington. He's going nowhere because he's paid where he is, and generally speaking that keeps people in one place...unless it's Notre Dame because their money is greener and shinier than anyone else's!

Awwww. He's happy. Cuddle up with Gary Pinkel, but do it in Columbia: he's not going anywhere with an impending contract extension on the way. Marky M bout to drop some bombs on that shit, best believe.

You'd have to buy a shitload of headsets. Joel has one solution to hiring that the SEC is familiar with: oversigning.

No victory without an omelet station. Get as multifactorial as you like, but the real reason Texas Tech couldn't hang with Oklahoma on Saturday was the lack of their traditional pregame omelet station at the hotel in Norman. Also, Mike Leach sat in the front row of the movie theater to watch his Friday night movie, Twilight. His reviews were not positive.