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CURIOUS INDEX, 11/21/2008

"The option will never work in a major conference." Really?

Jonathan Dwyer places a lot of space between himself and the people supposed to tackle him. Photo: AP/John Bazemore.

At the game last night, it became apparent not even Tech fans expected the option to work this well against anyone, much less Miami. Dwyer busting free has been a regular occurrence, but Tech had four players rush for over 75 yards, including fullback Lucas Cox, whose running loose through the Miami secondary is the second funniest thing we've seen this year. (The first: Marve throwing a pick to a 6'7" Michael Johnson for a pick six.)

Miami's defense was horrible, but they go nowhere ever with Patrick Nix at offensive coordinator. You could call out the plays by formation by the second quarter, and in most cases say what was going to happen on those plays. ("Five yard out here; it will be overthrown.")

Need a handy BCS chart? Of course you do. Here.

This is Friday. Run out the clock. Listen to Peter and Russell discuss the upcoming week of college football. Unlike most hosts, Russell won't rush you through things, which when you have the problems staying on task as we do, is...what were we talking about?

Live close, die close. Michael muses on the dangers of coaching it close to the vest, something Georgia fans will read with interest and just a hint of chest pain after this year.

OMG! Charlie Strong is like Louis the XIV and is playing chess with HUMAN PIECES!!! Mind. Blown. Purchase extra brain fuses.