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ESPN FTW. ESPN bids in for the broadcast rights to the BCS from 2011--2014. YAY PAM WARD!

"Michigan State has to spike." "It's fourth down." Rock. This will be the first major sports championship game broadcast on cable, a truly momentous first for people who still differentiate between "cable" and "television." (I.E., your grandmother.)

Lucifer shakes his fist in hell or perched atop the heavens. Steve Spurrier, who lost by fifty points this past weekend, proves that the Morning Star shines his own light whether he's up or down (by fifty. At his old office.)

"I saw Charlie Weis on TV today. He's happy as he can be Notre Dame has got their sixth win and they're bowl eligible," Spurrier said. "Sometime you have to keep everything in perspective."

His roll remains unslowed. If anyone was watching Gameday last Saturday, please send us a screencap of the ludicrous glass sculpture mounted on the wall behind Spurrier during his interview segment. It was red as blood, the size of a flattened piece of roadkill, and looked like a Chihuly original. We thought it was mescaline flashback material until Holly said she saw it, too.

The Peter North Trophy. The Godfrey Show would like to point out that the Magnolia Trophy looks a lot like a gushing penis caught at the moment of ejaculation. And what about this isn't appropriate for the Ole Miss/LSU rivalry?

You may remember him using a dead woman's credit card. Jamar Hornsby, booted from Florida for using a teammate's dead girlfriend's credit card for months after her death, is being advanced new potential lines of credit by Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Alabama.

You dancing queens, you. Miami fans, tailgating, and Windows Movie Maker: it's high time they came together.