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You wound, sir, with a dagger's stab. Rich Rodriguez is getting testy after the loss to Northwestern.

"It's amazing some of the things that people would say (on a message board) or yell at you of a personal nature," Rodriguez said Monday. "You almost want to tell them, "Get a life.'

"There's a whole lot bigger problems. Look at the economy."

The fundamentals of this economy are strong, DickRod! WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA?

Fox, out. Matt Vasgersian, it was lovely while we had it. Fox is out of the bidding for the BCS contract. Sad: no more Vasgersian explosions of colorful metaphor.

Good: ditching the rest of the ADDled Fox broadcast, most notable for showing crowd shots during important moments on the field, because a shot of a touchdown and then a shot of someone gasping in the crowd is what is required for me to realize something good/bad has happened to my/the other team.

You're jacked about this. We recommend you sign up for this.

Smart Football is SMRT. Smart Football is back, and reveals that they once had a long conversation with Mike Leach about the Pythagorean Theorem being used to calculate the length of a quarterback's throw. Of course he did.

Thank you for creating our program now go. You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when Jim met you. He picked you out, he shook you up, he turned you around, turned you into someone new. A USF fan forgets that USF is Jim Leavitt by founding the inevitable Jim Leavitt Must Go site, which to be fair does feature an amusing opening page.

That's science. Building the Dam lets the world in on the advanced techniques they use to calculate football math. It beats the crap out of our scratch pad, a week-old edition of The Economist.