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Eric Crouch, You've Got The Right Stuff. We don't judge. Perhaps this is done as an act of extreme irony, an excuse we use for pretty much anything we've ever done. Perhaps he is a fan, and don't take that precious bit of joy away from anyone. Perhaps he is going with his wife/girlfriend, and therefore has sex or other relationship currency on the line.

We will never know the real reason he went, but Step by Step, Eric Crouch got to a New Kids on the Block concert last week, and someone made a superb video of the event.

It the best dancing we've seen out of him since 2001.

The Alphabetical strikes long and deep. A slow week and it rolls out somewhere around 3000 words? Boyle's law strikes again.

Au revoir, Gerg. Gerg Robinson finally gets fired with two games left in the football season, a moment that left TNIAAM semi-speechless and had otherwise sober journalists breaking out the deep and miserable words to sum it all up:

Syracuse, NY -- Syracuse University head football coach Greg Robinson was fired on Sunday by director of athletics Daryl Gross, ending a turbulent era that began with great optimism only to deteriorate into misery, hopelessness and the worst four-year run in the program's 119 years of competition.

Gerg Robinson: so bad he almost drove journalists forced at gunpoint to cover Syracuse football to place their heads in ovens. (At least fans could leave.) Syracuse will hire someone else, and that means they will improve. Short of hiring a capuchin monkey with a tiny bellboy's outfit and a pair of tin cymbals, anyone would be an improvement over Gerg, who didn't even set foot in Syracuse before he accepted the job, attempted to install the West Coast Offense with NFL castoff coaches, and whose recruiting classes were rated "feed-grade" throughout his tenure. Goodbye, and good luck. Ray Goff recommends purchasing fast-food franchises and banging hot ass until you feel better.

They can't help it if they brought the portable planetarium with them. Stoners are resourceful. We knew one who rigged up his bong to an oxygen mask; another who sealed a camp tent up and used it as a huge, multiperson fogger; another prided himself on turning a bright orange traffic cone into a bong. Credit Colorado fans who turned that ingenuity into strategery Saturday night against Oklahoma State:

Those wild and crazy Colorado fans always have something extra for opposing teams. But bringing a laser light to bother Oklahoma State quarterback Zac Robinson might have been a new low.

Video here. Look, if you shine it on his face the right way it's like you're LOCUTIS OF THE BORG!!!

Before it slips into the memory hole: If they had not been attractive, it would have been far worse for these LSU ladies who disguised themselves as Alabama fans going into Tiger Stadium this past Saturday.