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You can tell a lot about a website. For example, this one is loaded with ads, a hopelessly neglected blogroll, a homer-ish banner and colors, and profanities. This means it is probably run by a guy who is a bit greedy, profane, and devoted to his team past the point of rationality. This would be correct on all counts.

Look at Jeff Sagarin's site, and just block out the words for an instant. The HTML HOTT style indicates the devoted efforts of someone who, in another life, would make the exact same site to tubthump about any of the following:

--Vaccine conspiracy theories

--Boundary theory and its implications on the global capitalist system

--Genital pumping FAQs

--The fixed earth theory.

The Sagarin site really is similar to the Fixed Earth site--scarily so. The Sagarin site also has the ACC as the second strongest conference right now. Could God have engineered something like that for the real Earth? WE THINK NOT FIXED EARTH NOW!!! Sagarin also has JMU above Notre Dame YES FIXED EARTH NOW IT IS NOT ROTATING BECAUSE THAT IDEA IS CRAZY.