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Cock and Fire Studios, Columbia, South Carolina.

Steve Spurrier:...and.....ROLL!

Steven "The Snake" Garcia: You like that baby? Oh, yeah, let's do this...

They begin their scene. Garcia gets into rhythm.

Garcia: YEAH! That's right baby. Deep and down the middle. Cock! A-doodle! DOOOOOOOO---

Steven: ---CUT! Okay, go in Chris.

Chris: But I'm not, you know...ready.

Spurrier: We gotta keep her guessin'! Get in there!

Steven: But I was just startin' to get her cookin', brah!

Spurrier: STEVEN! BENCH! NOW! Aaaaaaaaand...ROLL!

Chris: Maybe, you know, we could just cuddle, and then work up to things here...

Spurrier: CUT! TIME OUT!!! Chris, you gotta get in the game here. We're switching you in to get them confused! She just looks bored. I want her to be guessing! You sit down now.

Chris: (shrugs shoulders, sits)

Spurrier: Garcia, you're in!

Garcia: Fuck yeah, coach! Top Cock, ready to strut.

The scene resumes in thunderous fashion.

Garcia: Come on! Yeah! Coach, you want me to finish this cinnamon bun off with some frosting?

Spurrier: --AND CUT!!! Naw, that's just what they're expecting! I use two guys a scene. At least two.

Beecher: Me? What about me, coach? When do I get in?

Garcia: No way I'm doing a scene with him. There's no telling where he's gonna put it, man.