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AggieReport is right in that Baylor still inspires visions of fierce cuddling as a threat rather than mauling, but consider what "improvement" means, really. It is a relative term, much like "attractive," or "uncomfortable," or "awesome." Awesome for you might mean a nice weekend at a spa with the lady friend or wife, followed up by a round of golf; for some of us, it might mean a weekend spent running through the mire bowhunting; for others, it might be a gallon of PCP, a bottle of rum, and a rental car taken out on a dead man's credit card. (By others, we mean us.)

Baylor has the same record it had at this point last year: 3-7 going into its final two games. Not clear improvement by any stretch of the imagination, but take a look at the margin of loss in those seven. Under GuyMo, Baylor lost its first seven games last year by a margin of 29.9 points. This year, under Art Briles, that has fallen to 18.6 points in their losses.

So, to recap: Baylor 2007, this, a mess rolling downhill without forethought, planning, or hope of landing. Baylor 2008, this: interestingly designed, full of flair, and closer to success than one might initially think possible.