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CURIOUS INDEX, 11/11/2008

7-2. Big East championship right thurr. Oh. God. With Pitt overcoming turnover troubles and winning games, do we dare call Dave Wannstedt...gulp...competent? HALP.

Having LeSean McCoy helps, of course.

"GUN? DID HE SAY GUN?" Mike Leach, the NASDAQ, and a sport-coat Under Armour undershirt fashion combo: further pirating tales.

"Maturi said something, then Myers, then me and then Leach gets the mike. He says, 'I don't have much to add, so as we say in Lubbock, 'GUNS UP!'

"He shouts it, and people on the floor hear 'guns,' and they are ducking for cover, and security is running around.

Mike Leach rules.

How do I..."head coach?" Charlie Weis will be more involved in play-calling following Notre Dame's 17--0 loss to Boston College, taking back the playcalling duty he delegated in the offseason. BGS says someone needs to grab the wheel, but Doc Saturday points out that the Notre Dame offense has been slightly more consistent without Weis pulling the strings.

Perhaps they've overindulged in tasty Texas ribs. Ribs do knock a person out, so that may explain the damning amount of empty seats at the Baylor/Texas game. Credit Vandy fans on Saturday night against Florida: a row of shirtless students stayed strong wearing nothing but shorts and body paint through the end of the game.

Dedication! When we're awakened by a wrong phone number at 2:45 in the morning, we usually lay awake thinking about the clowns, and how we can't sleep because they will eat us. Blutarsky wakes up thinking about Georgia football. That's obsession done right and effortlessly, people.