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Texas backup center Buck Burnette made a large, large mistake by posting a very open, frank, and frankly horrifying comment on his Facebook page. Mack Brown then threw him off the team.

A few things:

1. Note that in the brief Sporting Blog piece, we don't mention the word, mostly because without the screencap in hand, it's speculation. This being a less news-ish blog, we can say that we've heard it was either the word we substitute "lawya" for, or a word that rhymes with "noon."

2. If it was the second...holy hell, are today's young racists having to learn from repeated viewings of Mississippi Burning to pick up the terminology? We grew up with some serious racists, but that's some low-redneck diction there. If someone says that, we expect them to have cardboard patches taped over holes in the trailer.

3. Buck Burnette is a kid, stupid, young foollish blah blah...but Mack Brown had no choice in the matter. He recruits too many kids of too many colors to have even a second's tolerance of this, and it would have killed him in recruiting.

By the way, there's no picture that goes with this post, because a google image search for "racist" is just wrong, wrong, wrong.