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Yes. That's a real photo of Lubbock.

BON has the necessary data if you're venturing to Lubbock for the Texas/Texas Tech game, but don't expect much: Lubbock is flat, windy, and precisely what you would expect, according to 54b. One nice quirk, though: they'll ice up your beer for you thanks to quirks of local liquor law:

If you want to buy beer, you’ll need to drive south of town to what is affectionately known as “the Strip” (Hwy 87 and 98th St.), a row of drive-thru liquor stores festooned with a veritable cornucopia of superfluous Vegas-style luminescence. You simply hand the attendant your cooler and a credit card and it comes back full of ice and your beverage of choice.

Would they do that with our favorite kind of beer, Vodkatonicweiser? Also, if you see a man in an atrocious haircut wearing black jeans carrying a shotgun with a silencer limping down the street, just keep driving, and do not stop no matter what you do.