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So there's that, which preceded Georgia decimating Florida in the Cocktail Party last year. A gag order has been issued to his team by Urban Meyer, presumably to avoid bulletin board material and keep the team focused, but he did talk about the dance by not talking about it, which is talking about it but DAMN YOU AND YOUR LOGIC:

"I think it's old news ... and it has no bearing on this year's game," Meyer said Sunday. "It's two teams battling for the SEC East."

Meaning a spectacular choreographed retribution is planned for Saturday. Our proposals for how Florida will attempt to one-up Georgia in the excessive celebration department follow, listed from least likely to most likely and by mode of celebration:

Tex Avery: A horde of walk-ons and mascots hoisting anvils, safes, and grand pianos on pulleys above the endzone waits for Georgia's first score.

Busby Berkley: The endzone rolls back, a pool emerges, and a wedding cake rises from the pool lined with leggy dames! The rest goes just like this, but with Tim Tebow playing the part of Miss Piggy:

Batman-style: Jeff Demps scores, throws a smoke bomb down on the ground, and disappears in a fog, only to reappear suspended in a glass box over the student section, peacefully napping upside down.

Palin-style: Tim Tebow scores, turns to camera, winks and makes cutesy little "pyew! pyew!" gun shots at the camera.

Strauss-style: Counters UGA's 2007 sponsorship of "Soulja Boy" with tasteful group minuet.

Hot Rod-Style Fifty huge dudes in orange and blue do this on the sidelines--not on the field, mind you--when Florida scores.

SAW-style. At first score, Dave Matthews is dropped screaming from lights, thus breaking the collective will of the UGA fanbase. Or should we say he CRASHES INTO THE GROUND BWAHAHAHAHAHAA

Leave your own suggestions for further Florida or Georgia dance-off routines or celebrations below.