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Have you disappointed a few people? Were you supposed to do big things this year, but instead of stepping into the ball with gown and tiara intact, you decided to, you know...let your hair down for once and partied with the help, who plied you with Jamaican demon rum and took advantage of you in an alley, pilfering everything right down to your gold fillings and whatever remained of your virtue and, yes...the tiara.

Or did you take the chance and open that curio shop, only to find that the economy, in addition to failing to support your exquisite but sadly unpurchased supply of dreamcatchers and herbal candles, also frowned on the financial steps you trod to get there, including mortgaging that right kidney to a Russian organ harvesting conglomerate? It had to come out, and now you show your co-workers the stitches in between shifts at Checkers for a dollar per view?

Are you feeling...let down? Disappointed? Then there's no better game for you than Auburn at West Virginia, where Auburn will attempt to score points by tackling Pat White if they can, and then carrying him however far they have to across the goal line into the endzone for a safety. And West Virginia...well, we can state with all certainty that they will definitely try to do something. A very definite something.

One day he is going to grow wings. (And fly into the mouth of a waiting bird of prey.)

This is your open thread. Let's see those couches alight and smoking by nine, people.