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Up and operational at the Sporting Blog. Z is for Zaire.

Also, please see our extremely rough sketch of the top 25 for this week, and tell us how grievously wrong we are for not putting [YOUR BELOVED TEAM] in here. Just like Cal fans did last week before they went and coughed one up to Arizona, coached by Mike Stoops, who loses football games.

At number one:

Eet mor tigerr.

And the rest:

2 Penn State
3 Alabama
4 Florida
5 Oklahoma
6 Oklahoma State
7 Georgia
8 Southern Cal
9 Ohio State
10 Utah
11 Texas Tech
12 LSU
13 South Florida
14 Boise State
15 TCU
16 Northwestern
17 Boston College
18 Brigham Young
19 Pittsburgh
20 Missouri
21 Georgia Tech
22 Minnesota
23 Kansas
24 Tulsa
25 Ball State

Leave comments below, as the first weekend of even semi-chilly weather here in Atlanta is giving us the urge to go out and devour an entire pumpkin pie. We will deal with this by going and devouring an entire pumpkin pie.