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Hey, I'm getting naked whether you like it or not. Little Matty's never wrong.

Ryan Perrilloux in his time at LSU was associated with a counterfeiting ring, an alleged drunken incident at a restaurant, and other booze-besotten misadventures that ultimately proved to be too outlandish even by Louisianan standards. Meanwhile, Steven Garcia has set off a fire extinguisher, keyed a car, and gotten a few alcohol-related ticks on the record. You certainly wouldn't compare the two, right? We mean...

Trouble with the law followed Garcia's entry into college as it did Perrilloux, the nation's No. 1 dual threat prep quarterback, who signed with LSU in 2005. Though never arrested, Perrilloux had several scrapes with the authorities and LSU coach Les Miles, who dismissed him from the team last May. Perrilloux landed at Jacksonville State in Alabama.

Like Perrilloux, Garcia was suspended multiple times and given multiple second chances after three arrests in his first 15 months on campus.

Okay, it's not a totally inaccurate comparison, brah, even if you're willing to throw out the "well, LSU police are more lax than Columbia police." That's a race to the bottom in terms of sketchy law enforcement. (With Atlanta at the bottom, of course.)

Honkie Perrilloux goes into the weekend with a chance to see action--if the whim of Spurrier the White sees fit--against LSU, an extremely dangerous team at the moment thanks to just getting asses sliced from body against Florida.

Remember that last year this game featured numerous trick plays, including the infamous flip-toss from Matt Flynn to Colt David. Miles called little in the way of wackiness last week against Florida; this week look for the Spike Jones playbook to come out, replete with cowbells, gunshots, car horns, crashing glass, and loopy slide whistles to follow. Two weeks in a row of bland LSU football cannot happen, especially going up against Steve "in the 3rd quarter, I will call a trick play" Spurrier.

Infamous flip-toss after the jump.