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Blogtoberfest! Because data never sleeps.

The crop is in. It takes at least three or four days for the Youtubes to give up their choicest uploads, but it's worth the wait. Oklahoma State was 114th of 119 teams in sacks going into the Mizzou game, but managed to get pressure on Chase Daniel not with exotic schemes, but simply by rushing four down linemen in various stunts.

Such weakness in blocking does not bode well for Mizzou, especially going into Texas against Coach Boom and Brian "I swallow NFL signing bonuses whole" Orakpo. Speaking of...

Bad; nationwide. The animated Blogpoll is up, and it is magnificent.

Clemson wants the package deal. The Kiffin mafia is allegedly on Clemson's radar.

Gravitational force toward a much larger object will do that. Bob Stoops and Mark Mangino have a strong bond, much like that of a moon to a planet.

Char-ming. What is this...char-ming you speak of? Nick Saban puts charm-mode on full blast for this piece discussing the Wild Rebel with Ian Rappaport. Toward the end, Nick Saban suggests that as the current generation of fifty/sixty-something coaches die off, the wishbone would be nigh-impervious to current defenses. We support the first team to do this fully and without exception.

White girl therapy yields amazing progress. Chris Rainey: go.

[sympathies given, redacted] Guess who called Tommy Bowden after he got fired to tell him this would be the best thing that would ever happen to him?