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The blogpoll ballot for the week follows, and boy oh boy is it loaded with eight different conflicting flavors of logic. Think of it as the mutant child of polling fusion cuisine, a fish taco batterfried whole, drizzled in spicy Malay barbecue sauce, and then cut into medallions and served with injera and stewed fruit. That was supposed to be ridiculous-sounding, but being this hungry will make anything sound good.

Notes, clarifications, and invitations to "fuck off because what DO you do with teams from the state of UTAH?" follow.

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas 4
2 Alabama --
3 Penn State --
4 Florida 9
5 Oklahoma State 9
6 Oklahoma 5
7 Texas Tech 1
8 Georgia 4
9 Southern Cal 1
10 Missouri 6
11 Ohio State 4
12 LSU 6
13 Utah 4
14 Michigan State 6
15 Brigham Young 8
16 Kansas 1
17 South Florida 2
18 Boise State --
19 Wake Forest 7
20 Vanderbilt 9
21 Virginia Tech 1
22 North Carolina 4
23 Northwestern 7
24 Ball State 1
25 Minnesota 1

Dropped Out: Wisconsin (#21), Tulsa (#24), Connecticut (#25).

Creeping SEC anti-homerism. Penn State might really, really, really be good; it goes against every fiber of our being to say this after a team that owns them from tits to toes has gone belly-up on the national stage three games in a row and running, but Ohio State has the status in the Big Ten of being the world's biggest fifth grader, the one who whips ass in bushels until he gets to junior high, gets pummeled by even larger bullies, and then reinvents himself as sad tubby goth for the remainder of their adolescence.

Currently overranked: Oklahoma State, most likely, along with Texas Tech; the Big 12 schedule will shake them out soon enough, but for the moment we're left with tons of Big 12 in the top ten until they settle out...a process that began in earnest with the defeat of Missouri.

Utah, as a state you can kiss our ass. Asses. Whatever. We're slowly buying into Hinton's skepticism re: BYU, though this weekend's game against TCU is a nice mettle check. Utah, as well, though to a lesser extent, because they wear red, and that's an aggressive color there, and, um, that should count for something.

The rest: the usual disaster. Anyone know what to do with ACC teams? Any of them? South Florida? Minnesota in the tribute spot?