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Tommy Bowden, out at Clemson: film at eleven, etc, but TigerIllustrated is reporting it like it's done, meaning they must have resolved the issue of his $4 million dollar buyout. Dabo Swinney would be the interim coach in the meantime, and with a name like that, you are always the interim coach, and never the coach.

The fail is up to here, which means I'm fired.

Update: This is, according to Joe Schad, the text Cullen Harper sent him:

I just found out. It’s what he deserves. Dabo Swinney is good man who will do a good job.”

Knives out, Cullen. Knives out! The Tommy Bowden Death Index has been appropriately updated, but damn, damn, damn: this doesn't seem to be difficult for anyone at Clemson, does it? Also, if you want a particular blogspot address it should be available shortly.