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We're typing this on our brother-in-law's couch in Gainesville, hoarse, dirty, and gnawing our way through the last dregs of 134.6 grams of sunflower seeds consumed over the course of the weekend. In other words: completely and totally and blissfully happy to be so. Hurry's the word, though, since we have to get back to Atlanta to tend our prize Hound of the Baskervilles and get Leron his "produce" on time.

The best moments of stolen video follow. Enjoy.

Why do people who are fast with video upload and capture have shitty taste in music? Are these genes linked? Is this a topic worthy of study--HOLY SHIT JEFF DEMPS IS FAST.

Quan Cosby knocked pudding pops and loud, colorful sweaters out of him.

Postscript: Real men own up to their bets, and do so publicly.

Eric Berry is Johnny Greenwood playing guitar in a Nickelback cover band.

Derrick Williams looks even faster when shot in high-definition video.

Auburn fans have been infected by the offense and the sickness it carries and judging by this it is a neuromuscular disorder with neurological symptoms.

Tom Amstutz gets emotional and it is brought to you as only the dignity and skill of local news can bring it.