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Red River Rivalry Roses, Courtesy of Barry. (SMOOCH!) BAC in this photo: 0.1OliverReedthirty. (HT: The Wiz.)

Tebow refuses to say whether he's voting McCain or That One. In his interview with Dave Curtis, Tim Tebow refuses to say who he's voting for or whether he's going to the NFL after his junior year. The first one's no mystery unless you think a fundy'd up kid from North Florida is going to suddenly vote Democrat, and don't accuse him of being a racist, though: there's ample evidence he gets along with black dudes just fine. The second question really is a mystery, though given his lowered production numbers this year returning for a senior season might make some royally good sense.

He's also turning the other cheek re: Ricky Jean Francois's comments about "taking him out of the game," naturally, and justly so since RJF clearly didn't mean "take him out" death-style. (If RJF does come out and shiv Tebow on the field, Saturday, well won't we look like a silly goose! )

Barbaro of the 352, laid up again. The high-strung performance machine also known as Percy Harvin missed two practices this week, but should be back today. Trainers ascribe the injury on a change in feed and particularly muddy track at Arkansas.

Hide the knives. Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman needs a hug...from a well-tied straight-jacket, it seems.

"You want my wife's number?" he said laughing. "I'll give it to you. I come home at night, they're all on toes. They lock the knives up in the cabinet [laughing].

HAHAHAHAHA. There aren't enough men in white coats running around subduing madmen with huge nets and sacks these days for our tastes. If Sherman shows signs of cracking, this could be the second season ever to end with the invocation of the Baker Act, the first being Barry Switzer's infamous "Pantsless '81" season. It turns out he was merely hot, and needed to ventilate the ol' wishbone a bit.

Smooth lover. Eric Norwood, South Carolina linebacker, gets his car floured and syruped in a parking garage. There is video of the woman, and Norwood claims not to recognize her. It wasn't me. (Caught you bangin' on the counter?) It wasn't me. (And then you did it on the sofa?) It wasn't me.