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Really? Yes? This is happening? He saddles up: shoulder pads, kneebrace, helmet. He reviews his playbook, the script for the first fifteen plays, and takes a quiet knee to collect his thoughts and ask God for protection and the wisdom to make the right decisions on the field. He rises, and the click-clack of his cleats against the concrete floor are his metronome: the symphony is about to begin.

He takes the stand, a conductor in full possession of his powers. Assmann, ready to go.

Capital quarterback Marty Assmann and Ohio State backup quarterback Todd Boeckman are total strangers, but they should do lunch sometime. Chances are the conversation wouldn't have to start with the weather.

The conversation would probably begin: "Holy shit! You're name is ASSMANN? YES!!! (fistpump/awkwardmoment)" Because his name really is Assmann, and he plays quarterback for Capital University, a D-III Evangelical Lutheran school in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. Assmann is the second-leading passer in the Ohio Athletic Conference, and is totally and completely actually named Assmann.

Capital University, if you make the jersey, we will buy long as it's made with the Original Assmann Quality we've come to expect from all things Assmann. You don't want to ruin a fine name like that. Like Assmann. Assmann. (Giggle.)