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Bo Pelini is doing due diligence this morning in the wake of an accusation that one of Nebraska's players spat on him during pregame warmups before Mizzou's polite and very clean vivisection of the Cornhuskers in Lincoln, 52-17.

"I'm not going to say who it was. He knows who it is," Daniel said. "And I think that's bush league. I've never (had that) done that before. It's just blatant disrespect."

The accusation is true, though the physics don't work out the way Daniel says they did on that fateful day that changed us all. Daniel says it was a player who spat on him; however, if this were true, why did the spit force his helmeted head back, and to the left? And then onto his arm--in mid-air, mind you--before landing on the turf in Lincoln? Ladies and gentlemen, that is indeed one magic loogie.

There had to be a second spitter, and you're damn right we know who it was.

Pelini should reprimand him, and while he's at it TELL HIM TO STOP HAUNTING OUR NIGHTMARES.