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Mini-Matthew McConoughey will have to wait to howl another week, as what was imminent on Sunday--Steven Garcia's assumption of the starting job at South Carolina--is now only probable due to Steve Spurrier's film review and general grumble toward quarterbacks who venture outside of the pocket.

“Stephen Garcia really struggled after about the first drive or two (against Alabama-Birmingham),” Spurrier said. “He got to where he was just running out of (the pocket) all the time last week. I don’t know if he’s quite ready to play.”

You make up your mind. We'll be over here livin'.

Garcia was also the leading rusher against UAB, something else that had to make Spurrier's well-tanned hide crawl. The number one defense in the country, btw? South Carolina's, which has been revived by Ellis Johnson, who you may remember from his work keeping Mississippi State bowl eligible with an amazing "all-safeties" offense/defense in Starkville.