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Colt McCoy on a keeper this weekend, with camera work every bit as stellar on this play as the crack ABC crew's effort on tracking Steven Threet's 58 yard qb keeper against Wisconsin (3:18 or so), which to be fair was as unlikely as discovering a staffed and spotless Smoothie King in the middle of the Gobi Desert. (Or anywhere for that matter.)

If you're looking for your NCAA on Junior Varsity numbers of the week, draft McCoy's day against the Razorbacks: 17/19 for 185 and 3 TDs, and 9 rushes for 84 yards and 2 TDs. (Say, Arkansas has troubles against a mobile white qb, you say? No, no reason. We're just curious.) McCoy has been working quietly in the shadows of ballyhooed Chase Daniel and Sam Bradford, but he's the best overall qb working in the Big 12 in the air and on the ground. In addition to that, he still has the most pornalicious name of any qb, and that has to count for something in this life. Colt McCoy is: LONGHORN: The Sweet Impalement. Out on Vivid DVD this fall!