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The Alphabetical, our grand attempt to summarize the week's action in 26 pieces, is up at the Sporting Blog. it's a lovely day: the sun is shining, the birds are really and literally singing outside the window, and the Dane is lying comfortably in the grass. What more could one ask for, really?

Besides a yard? ONE DAMN YARD, DAMMIT.

This house is going to be spotless by the time we're done with this. Like, Joan Crawford spotless.


Our only consolation is that across the state of Georgia there will be thousands of other spotless homes by the end of the day, too. Nifty thing: our cleaning makes them feel better, too, via the endless loop of mutually reinforced schadenfreude.

Meanwhile, Ole Miss, don't lift a thing today. You should spend the day drinking, and drinking heavily and eating on the reddest and velvetiest of red velvet cake. Ragin' Cajun Rebel texted us at 1:30 in the morning last night with the question: "Does it still sting?" Yes, which means your football team did somethin' right, son. Giggitys all around.

Enjoy your Sunday. We'll see you tomorrow.