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At least someone's happy about this. Frankly, you're probably fortunate if you lose by one after you spend the entire third quarter practicing the "fumble" drill. You're actually fortunate to not lose by two TDs, actually, given the number of flubs, mistakes, miscues, clusterfucks, missed tackles, blown assignments, dropped passes, and fumbles fumbles fumbles fumbles fumbles did we mention fumbles yes fumbles.

The defense made one critical mistake, and that was Major Wright deciding to guard the wrong side of the field on the long pass to Shea Hodge. The rest is on the offense: the offense that kept playing the lunch buffet with the play-calling, calling up a seemingly random slew of plays to turnover the ball with, the offense that gave the Ole Miss offense the ball three times inside the fifty, the offense plunged this team headfirst off a cliff with errors and a final fatal playcall---the Tebow Smash that hasn't worked at all going on now four games into this season--that was doomed from the beginning.

Turnovers killed Florida for the majority of the game. Then play-calling delivered the coup-de-grace. Someone tell us how Tim Tebow morphed into low-carb Jared Lorenzen in the span of a single offseason, and we'll give you a dollar for your efforts. Holy fucking cowcunt, we just lost to Count Giggity in game four in classic Houston Nutt fashion: countless mistakes by the other team, outrageous high-school playcalling, a quarterback who goes 9/20 but throws nothing but backbreakers on those completions.

If your team's undefeated right now, do us a favor: watch. your. fucking. ass. Oh, and if the game's on the line, and you're a bit skeevy on the idea of having your kicker try a 51 yarder, try something that doesn't play into the obvious weaknesses of your team thus far and the other team's strengths simultaneously.