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Peter's all like, "blah blah Baylor quarterback good," and whatevs, and we're like "blah blah Baylor what blah blah," and we didn't believe him since Peter, lovestruck for the next VY on the landscape and looking for any signs of 2005 Vince Young being reborn, maturing in two years, and then returning to the Texas Longhorns, looks for Vince Young everywhere.

So we sort of forget about this until we watch some highlights of the UConn/Baylor game, an underviewed contest of surprising entertainment value given the lackluster brands attached (don't deny this UConn or Baylor fans--sexy the labels aren't,) and eyebrows arch: um, that Robert Griffin dude? At quarterback for Baylor? He's...thunderbolts will rain down on the head for saying this...he's positively Vince Young-ish.

Lightning strike from angry God...arrived. While we wash the scorch marks off, please gawk at the highlights from the Washington State game.

So he passes the Youtube test, but further anecdotal evidence of the freshman's quick-twitch

credentials comes from a current player and self-described "fat white guy," UConn defensive lineman Rob Lunn, who writes this on his blog Thoughts From A Fat White Guy.

Top to bottom, running back to receiver to offensive guard, that team had some serious speed. I would compare them with the only other team I've seen demonstrate this kind of athleticism...thats right...our beloved toothless friends from the south, West Virginia University. And while Griffin (their QB) didn't have "Gold Frontz" (you alone hold that honor Noel Divine), he did have some serious speed.

Want to know just how serious his talent is? The kid won the NCAA's when he should have been in the end of his senior year in High School. He graduated in the Fall and entered Baylor in the spring. Still not convinced? Why don't you check out the play where I had him cornered in the pocket, already cutting the tape for my highlight real, and he made me (a slow fat white guy) look like...well...a slow fat white guy. He was gone in a flash and rolling out. I chased in vain. He was good.

Guy Morriss didn't even recruit Griffin while he was coaching at Baylor; Briles brought Griffin with him when he came from Houston to his new digs in Waco, calling him after he took the job and asking him along. So you've learned three things today: one, Guy Morriss is frightened of having blistering running talent at quarterback, blistering new hottness at quarterback equals Robert Griffin, and three, that Rob Lunn is your favorite new blogger, especially when he writes in painfully honest fashion about how unnatural the act of playing football is. Your brain is full, go smoke cigarettes surreptitiously in the restroom now.

(Oh, and the term "Gold Frontz" for ball-ripping speed? It's in the lexicon now. Muchas, senor Lunn. Muchas.)