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Who wants to pose with a sweaty blogger? Walking down the docks along the Tennessee river, a reader screamed "ORSOOOOONNN!!!" We nearly leapt into the river, and then realized they meant us no harm other than the up close and personal discovery that we, in any climate with an ambient temperature above seventy degrees, are covered in sweat. Nothing says sexy like unshaven schlub in a ringer tee with coffee stains!

Yet still more evidence that Clay Travis is full of shit.

Thanks for y'all who said hello, and even bigger thanks to our hosts at at the Vol Navy, the crew of the James Gang. The summary will be up on The Sporting Blog shortly, but let us preview by saying a.) tailgating on a boat is Xanax-relaxing, and b.) we don't think we'd ever make it to a game if Florida had aquatailgating. Booze plus boat plus ladies hanging out in skimpy clothes plus television equals immobility of a formidable degree.

The pendulum says: not bad, all in all. Joel sums up Tennessee's performance with cool precision:

Despite our initial read, UT played a much better football game than appearances would indicate. Florida deserved the win because they (a) have vastly superior special teams play (b) didn't have fatal miscommunications in their playcalling, and (c) effectively used the new clock rules to eliminate any possibility of a comeback.

True: looking at the box score, Florida won the game through field position and Vol turnovers, not by incinerating their defense like 2007. Whether this is indicative of another 1-2 start on the way to clawing back into the SEC title race is a less a matter of Tennessee putting things into firm, rock-abbed shape and more a matter of everyone else falling apart at the right times...which in the SEC East is as much a possibility as any other.

Gate21, however, merely sees sheep.

Yes, but it was a dry can of whoop-ass...with Maker's. Paul does some incisive investigative reporting and finds that Georgia fans--who came in droves to the game in Tempe--have a distinct and measurable effect on the local economy.

Georgia will "black-out" for Saturday's game against Alabama, but that really won't matter: all visible light in the stadium will be sucked toward the immense gravitational pull of Terrence Cody anyway, so no one will be able to tell.

You throw out the historical records when it's WKU versus UK. Because there aren't any, but don't tell WKU linebacker Blake Boyd that.

"We're expecting their best," WKU junior linebacker Blake Boyd said. "It's definitely a big in-state rivalry, even though we haven't played before.

We're just going to say the logical thing: whenever Bayern Munich wants to stop ducking Florida and man up and play us on the field like the inevitable natural Gator rivals they know they are, we're ready.

Mike Leach, love master. Mike Leach on dating. A woman should be forced to eat in front of you, seek out freaks to conversate about with your date, and be sure to set up "email mischief."

Lubbock has a steakhouse called "Kegel's". Lubbock is kinkier than we thought.