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The viewing agenda:

ORSON (Knoxville):
Florida @ Tennessee. Email our fearless leader to invite him to pertinent merriment/well-kickings.

HOLLY (Los Angeles/Tempe/still sitting on a plastic bench at O'Hare):
If I can ever get this effing plane to take off, I'm making a fast break for Arizona directly after touching down on the coast. Assuming I survive watching the Florida game, the rest of the day will be devoted to watching LSU @ Auburn and marinating in Georgia @ AZ State. Mmmm, conference play. You taste like bourbon candy.

Bill Stewart will be sleeping the sleep of the angels, without a care in the world, if anyone needs him. Unless you need him to coach a football team.

And you, fair readers? Tell us where you're going, what you're watching, and what you're drinking this fine fall weekend.