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Thanks, overtime. We woke up late thanks to Bill Stewart's SMRT clock management, though to be fair: we owe West Virginia's kicker a debt of gratitude for getting us to bed earlier than the worst case scenario could have been.

The moment in that game where we realized Bill Stewart could not manage a team came not at the end of the second half--which was really just piling on evidence of an already strong verdict--but at the end of the first half. Bill Stewart took both timeouts with great effort and and insistence in order to make CU punt from their 5 yard line or so. On 4th down with three seconds, Dan Hawkins and Colorado opted to foil the whole thing by looking at the clock, seeing it had 3 seconds, doing some very complex math and then calling a run play...which ran out the clock and took the team harmlessly to the half.

It was a bit like watching the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where the swordsman flails impressively for an instant in the bazaar showdown before Indy grabs his gun and shoots him dead.

And now, for no reason whatsoever: Teenage Riot.

Index coming in a bit.