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Hate Week Intro Video, cont'd. Peyton! He's not open! The safety's gonna...oh, nevermind. Just go get your receiver retardified. We keep pressing "replay" and he falls for it every time! It's like he actually did it, and it actually turned the game around as Tennessee collapsed in humiliating fashion in a streaming, inescapable downpour of points and rain.

Oh, that never dies. Shockingly, neither did Joey Kent, which we respect him for, since if we'd been hit like that our soul would have grabbed its valise and fedora and headed for the exits.

If it's Thursday, it must be Ron Prince with a loss. Kansas State was literally decimated by Louisville's rushing attack, a mathematically savvy point brought up by Rece Davis late in the debacling of the Wildcats last night: 303 rushing yards to K-State's 30, a gutting by any standards. Kansas State: Kragthorpe'd! And still as consistent as the bowel movements of a drunk with a fondness for Indian food.

If you legalize it, they will advertise it. Penn State has Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma charged with weed possession. ESPN will follow this up with a piece "IS JOE PATERNO SELLING HIS PLAYERS WEED?" on a very important Outside The Lines this Friday. (Answer: no. As old as he is, JoePa would sell "reefer," not "weed.")

Pat Forde likes his stick figures hott. Don't piss off BHGP. They will burn you down to the foundations with the fire of MS Paint.

Love is risky. Joel has the Animated Blogpoll up, and it's a sobering reminder that just when you're ready to love again, someone takes a sword and slowly cuts off your body parts in order of size from smallest to largest. The Trojans were SO jacked about playing Dexter to the Buckeyes' bound and helpless victim.