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We salute your excellence in captioning: Hate Week continues: please note the fine understatement in this video's Youtube caption, which reads: "Peyton Manning completes a beautiful 88 yard TD pass to Tony George."

Truly one of the better passes Manning ever completed against Florida. DO YOUR BIG MAN DANCE, TONY!!! In more pressing news of this week's game against the Chee-to Horde, Jonathan Crompton received "treatment" on his ankle yesterday from Tennessee trainers. Doctors Jermaine Cunningham and Carlos Dunlap of the University of Florida are willing and eager to offer their own unique medical techniques this Saturday to assist Crompton in his recovery from whatever is going on with his ankle.

Further on Hate Week: We talked with Joel last night re: the UF/UT game, and explained our love for Peyton Manning and why Nashville is the most functionally useless city in the universe to us. (Hint: if you're not churchy, it's like taking a vegan to Fuddrucker's.) And speaking of things you won't eat: mmm, nothing as tasty as last year's reheated trash talk...except for teammates accidentally insinuating that Chris Rainey, while really, really fleet of foot, may not be the sharpest knife in the back of a Tennessee fan. Um, drawer. We mean drawer.

We had no idea Santonio Holmes was involved in this. Charles Davis on the Iowa/Iowa State game:

"Tough to be accurate when you have this much man in your face."

Perhaps we need to start paying more attention to this "Charles Davis" fellow. In addition to the golden shining sparkly bit of homoerotic phrasing above, Davis also said "Iowa's starting to shit -- sit! -- on these shorter routes." He sounds MAGICAL.

Armanti Edwards, artiste. App State's quarterback is an accomplished sketch artist. Mike Patrick thinks he's going to open an art shop scoff scoff scoff. When does that ever work? When you put dead bulls in formaldehyde and charge millions for it, of course.

Just because you're paranoid don't mean they ain't after you. Rich Brooks thinks MTSU was stealing signs in their 20-14 defeat to Kentucky.

“They were either getting them from the field or the press box,” Brooks said of MTSU. “They might have gotten some help from Tennessee. Tennessee had them last year.”

Opinion rendered, of course, vis-a-vis this event in respect to Rich Brooks and his estimation. Sum: bullshit. Kentucky needed a stroke-inducing finish to save the game, pulling down a completed Hail Mary one yard shy of the endzone. If this happens to Florida, you'll know where we are from searching the horizon and looking for smoke: that plume of smoke you see will be the spot where our head used to be.