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Your semantic summary for the week, as presented by LSUFreek:

1., 2.



*1. Idolatry reversed; a Catholic inversion of an authoritarian meme where Michigan, symbolized by the dead, glowering paterfamilias of Schembechler, is rocked to its core by a radical Steve Reeves exercising his muscular authority in the name of destablizing the ancien regime. Notre Dame typically receives the feudal brand; here Freek inverts, slips an uninvited wet willie in the ear while you were busy.

2. The cheap, overexposed pastels of early technicolor wake up the echoes of a thousand noontime gladiator pics where centurions wear wristwatches, every hero is coated in a fine sheen of olive oil and noble perspiration, and a Greek producer sits behind the director's chair with a pistol and the last fifteen dollars in the film's budget looking displeased. It is a dual nostalgia; one of the film's actual production, an experience only imagined, then glommed onto vicariously, as if you yourself had held sat in a theater one hot Mediterranean afternoon, and then the primary nostalgia of watching the movie for fifteen to twenty tedious minutes on a dull afternoon in the late 1970s or early 80s when cable had not walled you in with entertainment, and local channels filled dead air with the failed historical fantasies of dodgy playboy producers.

3. For anxiety over repeated losses, Tressel could consider the following:

Chemical Brand
alprazolam Xanax
buspirone BuSpar
chlordiazepoxide Librax, Libritabs, Librium
clonazepam Klonopin
clorazepate Azene, Tranxene
diazepam Valium
halazepam Paxipam
lorazepam Ativan
oxazepam Serax
prazepam Centrax

Of course, all grapefruits should be avoided in the case of MAOI inhibitors, which run the risk of stroke, a side effect of a cure ironically causing significant incidence of the very phenomena addressed in its application.

4. Yes, footnotes. What he said.