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It's no mistake that Lehman declares bankruptcy on the day Ohio State takes a huge plunge in our Blogpoll: both were cruising on credit and paper tiger-ing their way through the past two years hoping no one would notice. (Subprime is a word we always associated with Todd Boeckman anyway.)

Errata, further errata, and backflips into empty swimming pools follow.

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal 2
2 Oklahoma 1
3 Georgia 1
4 Florida --
5 Penn State --
6 Missouri --
7 Brigham Young 15
8 Wisconsin 2
9 Texas 4
10 LSU 1
11 South Florida 8
12 Alabama 3
13 East Carolina 5
14 Wake Forest 2
15 Texas Tech 3
16 Ohio State 9
17 Oregon 3
18 Kansas 9
19 Auburn 3
20 West Virginia 1
21 Utah 5
22 Oklahoma State 2
23 Clemson 3
24 Nebraska 2
25 TCU 1

Dropped Out: Arizona State (#17), Fresno State (#20), Georgia Tech (#23), Illinois (#25).

I am my Heisman favorite. Rey Maualuga is his own H****** favorite, but Rey, doesn't an award that Jason White claimed seem kind of...femme for you? USC is really good, this is the point, and it's all pointless to argue when Sanchez divulged that one of the key routes against USC was the inability of tOSU's linebackers to cover their fullback on pass plays. "The problem in that fight was my inability to defend against the slow punch to the belly." "My business would have succeeded, but we failed to install a door for customers to access our services."

Penn State is criminally underrated. Irony! Penn State gets the five spot over Missouri because Penn State has a defense and an offense, and will not likely surrender 400 plus to Juice Williams. Their offense shoots holes in the fabric of space and time, but the defense still arches skeptical eyebrows like the ones we are flexing right now. (Biggest muscles in body.)

Experiential learning is our new hot, hot sex. BYU and Wisconsin get nods over LSU and Texas because, lacking proper test data on either, they are one of the few remaining teams to still sit buoyed mostly by presason estimated value, and not by value on the field. Also, BYU decided to level, sow salt, and curse the soil of UCLA's proud city. We respect the shit out of that, a sentiment BYU fans likely won't get down with, because they don't like profanity or caffeine, or two best friends.

The rest: Kansas doesn't get too punished for a tight road loss, though the lack of run game unsettles; Georgia is at 3 because they looked the eeeninesiest bit flummoxed by South Carolina. Georgia fan: It's always that way! Us: Yes, but this is now, and we're attempting to rank by evidence, and the flummoxer just lost to Vandy. Auburn may have a points deficiency on their hands, and in prior years that means life in the teens for the year in between beating Alabama and Florida.

Clemson scares the daylights out of us; Arizona State does not deserve to be ranked for losing to terrible horrible UNLV; East Carolina fell asleep against Tulane, and thus dips; Wake Forest's inflated ranking will be refuted or justified at Florida State this week.