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Proposed; counter-proposed. UNC 44, Rutgers 12. Proposed:

Rutgers opened as a Vegas favorite with back-to-back home games and lost by a combined score of 68-19. North Carolina had not won an out-of-state road game in 20 tries, a streak dating back to Oct. 5, 2002, and embarrassed Rutgers on national television.

And please now consider our well thought-out response.

(HT: Rob.) North Carolina should not get too excited about beating this particular Rutgers team, as they are...let's look up le mot juste...ah yes. They're shitty. Very, very shitty, as in Mike Teel throwing 3 crippling interceptions shitty. Nevertheless, Mike at Tarheel Mania sagely notes that this is a big game in their process of becoming better, and also that the game featured the most melodious of interceptor/interceptee combos, Quantavious Sturdivant picking off Jabu Lovelace in the fourth quarter.

Cocks Abused on Lunch Break. South Carolina football players were involved in a brawl featuring between "5 and 12 people," which is accurate reporting at its finest if we've ever seen it.

Nguyen overheard the instigators of the fight shouting and yelling as they hit the victim. What Nguyen overheard indicated the fight may have been gang-related. It is worth pointing out that South Carolina football players did not by anyone's account start this fight, and that no one's sure why it happened, though if we were Georgia players we know what our taunt for Saturday's game would be:

"At first I thought [I heard] 'Bloods' or something like that. Once they started hitting him they kept saying 'What's up Red?'" Nguyen said.

What's up Red? (Sack.) Just repeat that for four quarters. It'll only get funnier! For you, at least. None of the players were seriously hurt in the brawl, and will postpone any major injuries for tomorrow's game against Georgia.

Clemson fans + Religious Discussion=WOOOO!!! Youtube commenters still hold the gold for sublime internet commentary. (We had no idea you could get death threat angry over old El Debarge videos, but evidently it happens.) Clemson fans commenting on religion in sports has to be mentioned up there, however, especially in response to a half-dumb column by Ken Burger in the Charleston Post and Courier on Tommy Bowden's evangelical approach to team religion.

Yes every man can make his own decision, but
coach Bowden is doing his job per God's instructions,
go forth and spread the word of Jesus Christ that
no one comes to the Father (God) except through him.

Um...God's gameplan against Alabama sucked. Dodging lightning for remainder of day.

Tasteful handbags available, too. The Starter Wife points out on twitter that only USC would have a pep rally at Nordstrom's. Pete Carroll is soooo jacked about their affordable and competent personal style consultants.

Recruiting promise. In Alaska, they tranq him and tag him before sending him back to the wild. In the SEC, we'd see if he could pass online correspondence courses and get classified as LD.