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Beyond blog-certain! Hurricane Ike has slapped Arkansas/Texas back to September 27th, taking it's blog-certain status to fact. We're afraid, though, that Tiger Stadium will be fully...operational...when your friends from Troy North Texas arrive. MUHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAAAA!!!

What a picture of Nick Saban is doing here, we have no idea.

Classless dirtbag calls Urban Meyer "classless dirtbag." Warren Sapp may have called Urban Meyer "a classless dirtbag" for kicking a field goal at the end of the Miami game, but he has no room to talk. We looked it up. See, on Wikipedia, under the "Warren Sapp" entry, it says he has no room to talk:

Sapp has no room to talk.

See? It's on Wikipedia and MUST BE TRUE. Notice, though, that there is no direct statement in the entry like "Warren Sapp is an asshole," because Wikipedia is strictly edited, and redundancies are frowned on in general since the words "Warren Sapp" are already on the page.

Arrr, Flash Animations! The Animated Blogpoll is up, and it's ARRR-ful.

Drew Weatherford will just be over here, icing his artificial hip. Florida State may go with two quarterbacks, meaning they'll probably rotate D'Vontrey Richardson and Christian Ponder but won't divulge that to maintain "surprise," even though everyone will prepare for two anyway and just pity poor Drew Weatherford, who in his fifth year is sitting on the bench wondering where it all went pear-shaped and how long it's going to take to get those B-school applications in for fall admission.

Because scalping's even better with flair. Nifty Facebook app of the week: Ticketwall, put together by the Kid and company, a widget designed for easy ticket exchange without commissions or other nonsense. Plus, you can do it while stalking your exes silently on Facebook! Neat!