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Hey, Knowshon Moreno likes legos. He also has an infectious laugh, likes Patty Mayonnaise from the cartoon series Doug, and introduces himself as a wide receiver. These are all positives, btw, as is the fact that he jokes about liking Korn and Limp Biskit (we think/hope he's joking.)

No mention of any lingering resentment towards ESPN's shameless anti-Dawg conspiracy in not showing him vaulting a Central Michigan DB in the second half of a yawning blowout for two, possibly three more critical yards on a play broadcast on tiny CSS. It's classy on Knowshon's part not to hold grudges, since it's all part of a vast, all-encompassing plot AGINST MAH DAWGS and against the ESS-EEE-SEE by THEM YANKEEZ IN BREESTUHL.

(Correction: we meant, against the Missouri Tigers, that is.)