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There's plenty of "likely" here, but judging from the wayward winds of the internet, the Arkansas-Texas game in Austin this weekend will be postponed to September 27th due to Hurricane Ike bearing down on the Texas coast with intentions of making it his Tina and force-feeding her his delicious cake in public. The concerns are obvious: lots of people traveling in what may be termed "inclement" weather decisions, a general (and intelligent) wariness surrounding hurricanes and public policy after Katrina, and the decision that--gasp!--it's just a football game in the grand scheme of things.

The decision is made even easier by the common open date for both teams and the fact that the television schedule is equally flexible: there's no real immovable objects on the docket for ESPN/ABC/International Tetrahedron, so if they want to pick up the game they can with ease.

It's not announced, but it's all but done, decision-wise. In the meantime: HURRICANE PARTY, BIG 12 COWBOY STYLE!

YEEEEEEEEEEHAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!! You know, since Mack Brown understands that he is in show business:

“We try to get kids excited about playing, and we’re in show business,” Brown said.

A clarification, Mack: that would be "show business with concussions."