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From Around the Horn today, which we put on in the background in order to have something to get our blog rage. Courtesy of ol' Blusterpants himself, Woody Paige:

Ohio State performed terribly against a MAC team picked eighth in their conference. They're gonna get blown out by USC and blown out of the top ten! (punctuation added to emphasize dumbness.)

Listen; note; invert; act.

PhoningVegasasquicklyaspossibleJaysus ALL ON THE BUCKEYES!!! PUT IT ALL STRAIGHT UP ON OHIO STATE!!!

Late addendum: Double counter-intuitive mojo creating riptide of halfassed hunchery: it's gonna be "closer than you think!" Really? The second best program in the country in the 21st century plays the best program of the era and you think it's "gonna be close(r)" EITHER WAY WE LOSE.