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Knowshon! How you doing, kid? Feeling good? Thinking right?

Nah, coach. I feel...empty. Dissatisfied. Like all I do vanishes into thin air as soon as I do it, like my accomplishments mean nothing. Knowshon needs a spirit bear to wrestle. A reason for my gorgeous flight. Challenge.

I feel you. Running against inferior competition. You're a champion, Knowshon. You crave more, right? Real challenge.

It's like you can see in my heart, man, without cutting a hole in my chest, you know?

I gotcha. Just a second, Knowshon. I'll be back with something for you.

Into his collar:Agent 38: enact Operation Greensleeves.

Signs passed out. Coupons awarded. Leaving scene.

Knowshon, look over there. What do those signs over there say? Can you read 'em for me?

Coach, that's a ways off, lemme fly Bring...bring...bring on...

Brah! They gave us free chicken sandwiches to hold these signs up! EPIC!

Ohhhhhhhhh, shit. Move out the way, sun. Knowshon just found his motherfucking spirit bear.

Attaboy. Glad to help, son. Glad to help.