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Words: they can be vague. From LA Now.

"Police" visted the "apartment" of "Penn State football players" "last night." Whatever they were doing, it led to some stuff being searched, some stuff being taken from the apartment, and some of the vaguest, limited, and narrowly circumscribed reportage ever set to paper/screen. The most meaningful thing from the entire piece:

At least four Penn State Police vehicles were at the scene -- a Special Response Unit, two cruisers and an SUV.

There was no violence or struggle, but just in case the local police were coming loaded for bear and in numbers, which ESPN says is evidence Joe Paterno may or may not be running a ROGUE PROGRAM!!! Get me dramatic shots of the campus; a statue of Joe Paterno in focus, and then out of focus; interviews with local columnists who, after three seconds of thought, will make an opinion surprisingly in key with exactly what I want to hear. Get me Jeremy Schaap and his muppet voice NOW!

Do not confuse this with fact, but the fact-like substance floating around about the case is that it's a combo noise violation and weed complaint sure to draw twice as much fire as it actually deserves in the press. (Touch that any and all "allegedly and possibly inaccurate" sticks as you like.)