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Miami suspends seven for their opener against Charleston Southern, including starting qb Robert Marve. Despite Jacory Harris getting the start in the Hurricanes' first game, Randy Shannon insists Marve will start at Florida in week two. The suspension results from an incident last fall involving Marve fleeing from police and breaking a side mirror on a car. The 300 yards passing he will have on Florida will result from our usual pass defense and Wondy Pierre-Louis celebrating in the middle of two plays and thereby surrendering long touchdowns.

Pierre-Louis, seen here mid-play.

Aaron Corp has the edge on Mitch Mustain at USC because Mustain has been struggling with his reads. Arkansas joke goes here.

Dat dere Jevan-ah Snead done had a wild ride from Texas to Ole Miss, and what a time to trot out this-a tired but still darkly amusing wampus tale about dat rascally Urban Meyer:

Once Snead got wind of the Gator's interest in another quarterback, he was assured by Meyer that Tebow was being recruited as a linebacker.

Though Tebow never ended up lining up defensively for the Gators, he was able to win a Heisman trophy as a sophomore at the quarterback position.

Actually, Florida's moving him to tackle this year. We swear on Urban Meyer it's true. (This wouldn't actually be an unsound idea with some extra calories and lifting, since he only went 9-4 and is really just a fullback who sort of throws the ball for 32 TDs in a season.)

Vagabond linebacker Willie Williams, he of the all-star recruiting diary in the Miami Herald, has settled in at Glenville State in his attempt to rebuild his collegiate career. Comeback fuel for a former problem linebacker? Venison.

On eating venison: “If you would have told me two or three years earlier, ‘Willie, you’re going to be eating deer,’ I probably would have looked at you like, nah, never, ever.
“It really wasn’t that bad. I’m not saying I’m going to get in there and cook some deer meat now, but I’ll eat it again.”

All the best to Willie, who if he can make it at Glenville State can make it anywhere.

Barry Switzer thinks it's the "greatest rushing offense in college football," and that it--the triple option--will fix everything at Georgia Tech. He also digs Glenmore Gin from the plastic bottle, because it doesn't break when you drop it out of a car window, and it has that handy kung-fu grip on the back for easy sippin'.