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I implore you to stop. Please.

From Myles Brand's bit in the Huffington Post on the role of profit in collegiate athletics:

Neither higher education, of which college sports is only a small part, nor intercollegiate athletics is truly capitalistic. They do not generate revenue to make a profit; they generate revenue to fulfill a purpose, to meet the mission of higher education.

From the Sports Business Journal:

The SEC’s total payout to its schools in 2007-08 was $63.6 million after the conference’s cut. TV revenue is distributed among the 12 universities and the league; each school received about $5.3 million this past fiscal year. Under the new deal, that annual number could leap to as much as $15 million per school, which is just shy of the projected average revenue Big Ten schools get from their TV deals each year.

Myles Brand: the Kofi Annan of college athletics. Please don't shoot each other. Really. It's quite poor form. We deplore this violence and violation of international law. Cease and desist or face sanction. No, that's not a very polite thing to do with a tank. Heavens, are you throwing that woman into a deep-fryer? No, that's not specifically against charter, but it's certainly on the face a serious violation of her human rights. I fear you shall be receiving a sternly worded letter of rebuke from me, and a condemnation from the Security Council will narrowly pass, with China and Russia abstaining, of course...