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When we last left Nick Cave, he was recording a "stirring" cover of "What A Wonderful Word" with Shane McGowan, whose mouth is gruesome enough to be considered NSFW. Their rendition couldn't have possibly been recorded before 3 A.M., as they're both drunk enough that you can smell it through the tubes.

Cave and his coterie of ne'er-do-wells, the Bad Seeds, returned to the scene earlier this year with Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, a sweeping work of art that... wait, sorry, I thought this was Pitchfork for a second. It's good.

Cave is 50 now, and he has approached his age with aplomb, growing out his receding hair and cultivating a dirtsweeper that would make even mid-80s Tom Selleck feel inadequate. Sure, he looks like a mix between half of Fred Armisen's costumes on SNL and Lawrence from Office Space, but come on, he's a 50-year-old rock star; who do you want him to look like, Sammy Hagar? Steven Tyler? Bono?

You can feel his Red Right Hand touching you right now. Don't fight it.

After the jump, the single-take video for the title track from this year's release. You can keep your CGI and needlessly expensive videos, pop music; Nick Cave prefers two screens, a treadmill, and a director who doesn't care if he only gets like 70% of the words right.

Happy Moustache Wednesday, motherfuckers!