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This picture is unrelated, because we cannot use the extremely copyrighted name "H------ Trophy." Carry on.

The odds for the H------- Copyrighted Trophy Not To Be Trifled With are intriguing as always, if only because they attempt to quantify something that is both unscientific and entirely unpredictable: how a bunch of athletes and half-aware sportswriters, under the glare of a media blitz and without a full data set of observed performances or clear criteria, will attempt to choose the best player in college football.

It is speculative garbage in both its ingredients and in the final product, meaning odds based on the likely winner of this process are less than garbage, or some kind of subgarbage garbage talks about in hushed tones at cocktail parties. Even if the process for picking the Trophy Not To Be Trifled with were clearer, the idea of an individual award in a team sport is essentially repugnant to us to begin with, and thus our odds of really caring remain in the neighborhood of us writing this with a caffeine-free bloodstream. (Zero.)

Nevertheless, in the absence of actual football, subgarbage is what we've got. The most interesting odds:

Knowshon Moreno, 8/1; Chase Daniel, 6/1. Eh? Knowshon will get the full glare of multiple CBS and ESPN appearances. Daniel will get the occasional Musbergame and Fox Big 12 game. The media whore needle should move Moreno's number a bit closer to Daniel's, though the Missouri qb's Eminem-esque storyline should help him with the media swing.

Sam Bradford, Oklahoma: 14/1. Not bad odds especially now that the sophomore kibosh is off (Viva Tebow!). Also has both knees, thus differentiating him from Jason White and the lingering regret of voters who went that way.

Michael Crabtree and Pat White: both at 10/1. With the promo push White has--and his relative proximity to national media centers and television exposure--having him even with Crabtree is cracktacular.

Dan Lefevour: 70/1 Ironic in that this may both accurately reflect his chances of winning, and may also be his TD/INT numbers in MAC games this year.

Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame: 80/1 Odds only valid with purchase of red satin Jimmy Clausen drinking jacket.

Full updated odds from Bodog after the jump.

Tim Tebow (FL) 7/2

Chris Wells (Ohio St.) 6/1

Chase Daniel (Missouri) 6/1

Knowshon Moreno (UGA) 8/1

Michael Crabtree (TTech) 10/1

Pat White (WVU) 10/1

Sam Bradford (Okl) 14/1

DeMarco Murray (Okla) 15/1

Matthew Stafford (UGA) 15/1

Graham Harrell (TTech) 16/1

Percy Harvin (FL) 20/1

LeSean McCoy (Pitt) 22/1

Cullen Harper (Clem) 25/1

P.J. Hill (Wisc) 25/1

Joe McKnight (USC) 25/1

Colt McCoy (Tex) 28/1

Todd Boeckman (OhioSt.) 30/1

Todd Reesing (Kan) 30/1

Javon Ringer (Mich St.) 35/1

Rudy Carpenter (ASU) 35/1

Noel Devine (WVU) 30/1

Juice Williams (ILL) 40/1

John Parker Wilson (Ala) 40/1

Mark Sanchez (USC) 40/1

James Davis (Clem) 50/1

Matt Grothe (USF) 50/1

Ian Johnson (Boise St.) 50/1

Kellen Lewis (Ind) 50/1

C.J. Spiller (Clem) 50/1

Jake Locker (Wash) 50/1

Jeremy Maclin (Missouri) 50/1

Tyrod Taylor (V. Tech) 60/1

Arian Foster (Tenn) 60/1

James Laurinaitis (Ohio St.) 60/1

Curtis Painter (Purdue) 60/1

Stephen McGee (Tex A&M) 60/1

Max Hall (BYU) 65/1

Dan LeFevour (C. Mich) 70/1

Zac Robinson (Ok. State) 75/1

Willie Tuitama (Arz) 75/1

Eric Berry (Tenn) 80/1

Jimmy Clausen (ND) 80/1

Armanti Edwards (App. State) 100/1

Jeremiah Johnson (Ore) 100/1

Terrelle Pryor (Ohio St.) 100/1

Field 8/1