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Indiana qb Kellen Lewis served a mysterious suspension this past spring, one of those fun undisclosed ones that keeps you wondering where the crime lies somewhere between "missed some class" and "was caught fighting apes in the simian research facility for fun and profit."

Now we know what that suspension was for: excessive partying, and subsequent class absences and grade slippage. In his own words:

"I must have thought I was in Los Angeles, Calif., or something. I got into the rock star mentality and I took it way too far."

Kellen Lewis speaks in abbreviations? 3000 yards passing and 700+ yards rushing just hint at the talent there. Perhaps it is best if he stays in Indiana, though, long term-wise: if he displays Hollywood-scale hedonism in podunkish Bloomington, the chemistry resulting from an exposure to actual live nightlife could be disastrous for Lewis. He will start Indiana's opener, having won his way back into the good graces of head coach Bill Lynch.

Even when unaccompanied by thumping marching band music, Lewis does have his moments: