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CURIOUS INDEX, 8/15/2008

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The quarterback race at FSU is "getting interesting," according to Jimbo Fisher, meaning Jimbo Fisher is considering all three quarterbacks at this point, which brings us 'round to anointing Drew Weatherford as the reigning Sisyphus under center at Florida State. We have the kind of grudging respect for Weatherford that one can only get watching someone their brains beat in for going on five years now, and hope he gets the job for two reasons: one, because he's tough as baked nails, and two, because Florida owns him from the foundation to the rafters.

Weatherford: tough, owned.

Adam Rose says USC's total compensation package for Pete Carroll tops $4 mil easy, once you toss in the retirement bennies, free Wii games, and that swanky mat Pete Carroll gets two hours of sleep nightly on.

Add in the country club/private plane gravy, and Saban still likely tops Carroll in total compensation. They're both Bill Curry's bitch, though, as long as they don't have the guaranteed $500 monthly car allowance. Can you spell pimpin'? Bill can: C-H-R-Y-S-L-E-R S-E-B-R-I-N-G.

Our piece on Chris Hatcher is up at SN, including the obligatory dumb factual error and even dumber comment on it

The USC jock itch plague is bad, but it's nothing compared to the Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Syndrome outbreak at Georgia in 1993. Nothing went right for Ray Goff that didn't involve Zaxby's and tail.

Ben Mauk is suing the NCAA for denying him a sixth year of eligibility. This whole thing would be far more plausible if Mauk would stop driving his Lark to practice.