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CURIOUS INDEX, 8/12/2008

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Trinton Sturdivant's knee has a cold, or is snapped in half. Georgia, jealous of Arizona State losing their left tackle and getting attention for it, decides to follow suit. Trinton Sturdivant, UGA's starting LT, has a knee injury of an undefined but likely fearsome degree, and may miss the entire season. Once fall practice is over, a very, very good team of starters may be assembled simply by taking every player who snapped an ACL this time through this season's warmups.

Good to see he's got a sense of humor about the whole thing. In today's article about Rey Maualuga in USA Today, Rudy Carpenter sounds like he doesn't take getting his lip split open in an overly personal manner.

"Yes, I remember Rey," Arizona State senior quarterback Rudy Carpenter says, "because he gave me a bloody lip last year. I dropped back and (former USC defensive end) Lawrence Jackson got a hold of me. I kind of got away from him, but as soon as I turned around Rey was right there and hit me good right up under the chin.

"You can see it on YouTube."

Oh, yes you can, Rudy.

Considering how many times Rudy Carpenter had his lip split last year, this is a healthy attitude to take going into 2008. Extra smartass qb points to Rudy for joking about taking that many foot-pounds of force directly to the head.

Kananga as Croom, and not just because he's black. Michael over at Braves and Birds has your Bond villains as head coaches bit, and the blurb on Spurrier as Dr. No is particularly stinging:

Also, Dr. No meets his end in the book by being buried in bird dung, which is a fitting metaphor for a coaching legend ending his career at South Carolina.

But he says he's still having fun! He's dancing just as fast as he caaaaaaaan!!!

Travel is just over ten percent of Hawaii's athletic budget, and the trip to Gainesville to play Florida for the season opener has forced them to trim costs and fly commercial legs on the way into the 352. Challenging gas prices expensive blah blah etc, but it's good to see Stephan Marbury has taken up sportswriting for the Gainesville Sun:

The team will practice at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta to get acclimated to the six-hour time difference.

Ray-rah! Rah-Roo! All up out your seats for GEE-TEE-YOUUUUU!!!