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This is undoubtedly the strangest career-ending football condition you could conceive of besides the physically impossible, like "pregnancy" or "vertigo of the testes."

Ole Miss offensive lineman Kermit Tyler, a freshman from New Orleans, has been diagnosed with an allergic reaction to strenuous exercise.

Haha, go ahead and laugh, but Kermit is flat done for football thanks to what appears to be exercise-induced anaphylaxis, which is not one of those funny hee-hee allergies like the one your dad gets where his eyes swell shut, you knock him to the floor, and then steal his wallet and head to Biloxi as fast as Greyhound will take you. Nooo, this is the unfun chokey kind that could, in theory, kill someone.

Houston Nutt will honor the scholarship because he's not evil. Bravo for him.

Is there a fun note in all this? Certainly. Exercise induced anaphylaxis is listed on on the same page with "itchy pants syndrome," which you didn't know you had, but suspected after that last trip to Ibiza and its unfortunate, antibiotic-consuming aftermath.

BTW: This is your first result for "exercise allergy" on image search. (SFW) Norman Rockwell's idea of a doctor was sick, sir, simply sick.